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Largest places in Peru

The largest cities and places in Peru at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Peru.

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Largest places in Peru
Lima Lima1.Lima Lima7,737,002
Arequipa Arequipa2.Arequipa Arequipa841,130
Callao Callao3.Callao Callao813,264
Trujillo Trujillo4.La Libertad La Libertad747,450
Chiclayo Chiclayo5.Lambayeque Lambayeque577,375
Iquitos Iquitos6.Loreto Loreto437,620
Huancayo Huancayo7.Junin Junín376,657
Piura Piura8.Piura Piura325,466
Chimbote Chimbote9.Ancash Ancash316,966
Cusco Cusco10.Cusco Cusco312,140
Pucallpa Pucallpa11.Ucayali Ucayali310,750
Tacna Tacna12.Tacna Tacna280,098
Ica Ica13.Ica Ica246,844
Juliaca Juliaca14.Puno Puno245,675
Sullana Sullana15.Piura Piura160,789
Chincha Alta Chincha Alta16.Ica Ica153,076
Huanuco Huánuco17.Huanuco Huanuco147,959
Ayacucho Ayacucho18.Ayacucho Ayacucho140,033
Cajamarca Cajamarca19.Cajamarca Cajamarca135,000
Puno Puno20.Puno Puno116,552
Tumbes Tumbes21.Tumbes Tumbes109,223
Talara Talara22.Piura Piura99,074
Chosica Chosica23.Lima Lima88,606
Huaraz Huaraz24.Ancash Ancash86,934
Cerro de Pasco Cerro de Pasco25.Pasco Pasco78,910
Chulucanas Chulucanas26.Piura Piura68,835
San Isidro San Isidro27.Lima Lima68,309
Huaral Huaral28.Lima Lima62,174
Pisco Pisco29.Ica Ica61,869
Catacaos Catacaos30.Piura Piura57,304
Paita Paita31.Piura Piura56,151
Abancay Abancay32.Apurimac Apurímac55,111
Huacho Huacho33.Lima Lima54,545
Moquegua Moquegua34.Moquegua Moquegua54,517
Ilo Ilo35.Moquegua Moquegua53,476
Tingo Maria Tingo María36.Huanuco Huanuco53,177
Jaen Jaén37.Cajamarca Cajamarca52,493
Tarma Tarma38.Junin Junín51,350
Barranca Barranca39.Lima Lima46,290
Moyobamba Moyobamba40.San Martin San Martín44,276
Lambayeque Lambayeque41.Lambayeque Lambayeque43,710
Picsi Picsi42.Lambayeque Lambayeque43,610
Chepen Chepén43.La Libertad La Libertad41,992
Yurimaguas Yurimaguas44.Loreto Loreto41,827
Huancavelica Huancavelica45.Huancavelica Huancavelica41,576
Sana Saña46.Lambayeque Lambayeque39,200
Tambopata Tambopata47.Madre de Dios Madre de Dios38,966
Juanjui Juanjuí48.San Martin San Martín37,715
Puerto Maldonado Puerto Maldonado49.Madre de Dios Madre de Dios37,543
La Union La Unión50.Piura Piura34,834

1 - 50 of 311 places
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