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Distances from Lima

Distances from Lima to the largest cities and places in Peru. Have a closer look at the distances from Lima to the largest places in Peru.

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Distances from Lima to the largest places in Peru
Independencia Independencia1.3,9876.2 km 3.9 mishow
San Isidro San Isidro2.68,3098.5 km 5.3 mishow
Callao Callao3.813,2649.9 km 6.2 mishow
Santa Maria Santa María4.14,85315 km 9 mishow
Chosica Chosica5.88,60636 km 23 mishow
Asentamiento Humano Nicolas de Pierola Asentamiento Humano Nicolas de Pierola6.5,80037 km 23 mishow
Ricardo Palma Ricardo Palma7.4,84243 km 27 mishow
Santa Eulalia Santa Eulalia8.6,40643 km 27 mishow
San Bartolo San Bartolo9.5,73346 km 29 mishow
Playa de Santa Maria Playa de Santa María10.26448 km 30 mishow
Chancay Chancay11.26,95859 km 36 mishow
Chilca Chilca12.12,88462 km 38 mishow
Huaral Huaral13.62,17464 km 40 mishow
Matucana Matucana14.4,51772 km 45 mishow
Mala Mala15.17,26081 km 50 mishow
Sayan Sayán16.6,196103 km 64 mishow
Morococha Morococha17.7,890109 km 67 mishow
Huacho Huacho18.54,545122 km 76 mishow
Quilmana Quilmaná19.6,442123 km 76 mishow
Hualmay Hualmay20.26,658123 km 77 mishow
Caleta de Carquin Caleta de Carquín21.5,514124 km 77 mishow
Huaura Huaura22.20,723125 km 78 mishow
Vegueta Végueta23.6,219132 km 82 mishow
San Vicente de Canete San Vicente de Cañete24.25,517135 km 84 mishow
Imperial Imperial25.32,344135 km 84 mishow
La Oroya La Oroya26.33,345136 km 85 mishow
Nuevo Imperial Nuevo Imperial27.32,344139 km 86 mishow
Junin Junín28.15,320150 km 93 mishow
San Pedro de Cajas San Pedro de Cajas29.5,758155 km 96 mishow
Oyon Oyón30.6,276156 km 97 mishow
Supe Supe31.13,719158 km 98 mishow
Puerto Supe Puerto Supe32.11,450159 km 99 mishow
Tarma Tarma33.51,350162 km 100 mishow
Tinyahuarco Tinyahuarco34.5,066164 km 102 mishow
Barranca Barranca35.46,290165 km 103 mishow
Acolla Acolla36.6,805165 km 103 mishow
Carhuamayo Carhuamayo37.9,122166 km 103 mishow
Jauja Jauja38.21,057170 km 105 mishow
Pativilca Pativilca39.13,583171 km 106 mishow
Huasahuasi Huasahuasi40.5,146174 km 108 mishow
Cerro de Pasco Cerro de Pasco41.78,910175 km 109 mishow
Paramonga Paramonga42.27,631177 km 110 mishow
Yanahuanca Yanahuanca43.5,992180 km 112 mishow
Chincha Alta Chincha Alta44.153,076181 km 112 mishow
Concepcion Concepción45.11,330187 km 116 mishow
Orcotuna Orcotuna46.4,199188 km 117 mishow
Sicaya Sicaya47.6,842190 km 118 mishow
Chupaca Chupaca48.9,877190 km 118 mishow
San Jeronimo San Jerónimo49.8,772190 km 118 mishow
Chaupimarca Chaupimarca50.28,666192 km 120 mishow

1 - 50 of 310 places
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